Pizza is a $46 Billion dollar industry in the US. This huge market is dominated by two types of restaurants: Delivery Chains and Mom & Pop Pizzerias. Delivery chains (Domino’s, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut) are engaged in fierce price wars that make it hard to compete due to high discounting and lower margins. Mom & Pop Pizzerias, on the other hand, are known for high quality product but are burdened by labor intensive operations. They struggle to scale because processes and people are not replicable. Mici Handcrafted Italian combines the best of these two worlds: The same ease of operation as a Delivery Chain and the quality you’ve come to expect from a Mom & Pop Pizzeria.

  Delivery Chains Mici Mom & Pop
High Quality  
Quick Service  
Easy To Operate  
Limited Kitchen Prep  
Small Footprint  
Cutting Edge Digital Platforms  
Strong Community Involvement  
Robust Catering Business    
More Than Just Pizza  

$763K – $1.458M

Average Unit Volume*

$398 K – $645 K

Cost To Open*

9 Years

Voted Denver’s Best Italian

*as shown in our 2020 FDD